Iowa Cup Standings pb Zealous Consulting – Round #1

The 2011 Iowa Cup got underway with the Iowa City RR and Old Capitol Criterium.  With the latest start in Cup history, there were bound to be some riders anxious to stamp their authority on the series.  The 2 race weekend allowed some to build big leads with some double victories, while in other categories, created a tight race at the top with a mix of results.

The top of the Men’s 1,2 standings are controlled by two Iowa City Cycling Team riders, who used their home town races to get the early lead in the standngs.  Mattias Perret took 6th in the Road Race, to grab the 10 points and Brendan Kealy, scored the 10 in the Crit, also 6th place.  Mattias’ finish in the crit garnered him 2 more points than Kealy, who finished as 5th Iowan in the road race, and the lead after weekend #1.  Jared Osterloh, Zealous Racing, showed consistancy, with the finish as 4th Iowan on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday, leaving him just 2 points back in 3rd.

Obviously, the team lead is dominated by the Iowa City Cycling Club, with the other teams log-jammed in a virtual tie for 2nd.  With 4 strong teams this year, the Men’s Elite competition will be fun to watch.  Iowa City has the jump on repeating as team champions.

We knew the Women’s 1,2,3 race would be full of new faces this year and the first weekend of racing proved us almost correct, there were new faces in the women 1,2,3 race, but we’ve seen their names for the past couple years atop the women Cat 4 standings.  Cassandra Kessler, Iowa City Cycling Club, leads the standings with her finish as first Iowan on Sunday and 2nd on Saturday.  Teamate, Cara Hamann sits tied for 2nd with Julie Foersch of Hawkeye Bike Association.

As in the Men’s Elite Team Competition, Iowa City has started the season with a commanding lead.

In what has to be the earliest exits from a category in Iowa Cup history, the Cat 3 leader, Kevin Temple, Bikes2You/World Of Bikes, will have a short time at the top, as he’s upgraded to a Cat 2.  Geoff Perrill of ICCC has the virtual lead with Kevin Severs, Colorbiotics, and Dan Galles, Atlas, close behind.

Travis Jass, Fort Dodge Trisport, and Matt Nagel, sit tied atop the Cat 4 standings, each grabbing a top Iowan finish on alternate days.  William Rekemeyer, DMOS/RDMB, finished between them both days and sits only 1 point behind.

Jim Cochran, Atlas, used a pair of wins in the 40+ events to establish a large margin over ICCC riders Greg Duethman and Jeff Barnes, who each had 2nd place finishes to Jim.

ICCC, again, boasts 2 riders atop another category, the 50+ Masters.  Chris Eastburn, scored 10 points in the criterium to tie teamate Dan Shaffer, who scored 10 the day before.  Wayne Fett, Goosetown Racing Club, and Randy Jones, Colorbiotics, sit tied for 3rd.

Darcy Stanford, ICCC took a pair of victories in the Women’s 4s races to take a commanding lead in the standings.  Teamate Tricia Brown sits in 2nd with Amy Oberbroeckling of Q7 Cycling in 3rd.

Next on tap for the Iowa Cup is the Squaw Creek Circuit race in Marion Iowa.  With 3 races in 9 days, the Iowa Cup race will really take form in the next 2 weeks.

Full Results

UPDATE: Masters40+ Results were missing John Stonebarger who picked up 3 points at the Road Race. He was added and those below him were shuffled back a spot.

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