Elkhart TimeTrial #2 Results

The rain held off for us and we ended up with a beautiful, warm May evening for TT-ing out at Elkhart.  Over 90 riders tackled the 12km course and many PRs and benchmarks for the season were set.  All in all the average time this month was 4 minutes (or 17%) faster than our blustery kickoff race in April.  It was also a very close race at the top of the Mens Open with Derek Cassady setting the pace with a 16:19, just two seconds ahead of JJ Bailey and six seconds ahead of Gerald Johnson.  A rockin’ four tandems also showed up to race with the Martin’s nearly breaking 17 minutes.  And Julie Zierke-Clarke put down the fastest women’s time of the night at 18:29.

Thanks to all for coming out and a huge thanks to Rachelle Little from Zealous Consulting and all our volunteers who help put on the race.  Thank them next time you’re clipping in at the start line.

Category points will be posted next week. Thanks to all who came out.

Results are available for download 2011 Elkhart TT Series Results – Race 2 and at USAC.

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