Iowa Cup Standing pb Zealous Consulting – Round #3

The Zealous Race Team and Central Iowa hosted races 4 and 5 of the 2011 Iowa Cup series.  Race #4 was the Zealous Classic RR, north of Des Moines and Race #5 was the always tough State Fairgrounds Criterium in Des Moines.

The Weekend saw the tightening of this year’s best competition, so far, the Men’s Elite Team competition.  American Equity used a commanding Road Race to Move into the lead, with Iowa City Cycling able to tie up the competition in the criterium with the leader coming into the weekend, Zealous Racing, now sitting 3rd, just 2 points back.

Mattias Perrett, ICCC, used 2 2nd place finishes to take back and extend his lead in the Men’s 1,2 competition.  Jared Osterloh, Zealous Racing, sits 2nd place with Lou Waugaman, American Equity, pulling into 3rd place on the strength of his win in the Road Race.

The Men’s Cat 3 competition was siezed by Kevin Severs, Colorbiotics, with a finish as 1st Cat 3 in the Road Race and a win in the Cat 3 criterium.  Dan Galles, Atlas, used consistant performances to move into 2nd place in the category.

Young, William Rekemeyer, DMOS, climbed into the lead with his solo victory in the Criterium.  Travis Jass, Fort Dodge Trisport, sits a close 2nd with 2 2nd place finishes on the weekend, while Saturday’s RR winner, Mike Reagan, Rassmussens, is in 3rd.

Casasandra Kessler, ICCC, took her third and fourth finishes as first Iowan in a row to extend her lead over teamate, Cara Hamann, also extending ICCC’s huge lead in the team competition.

Megan Kelly, Velo Rosa, has used consistant performances to take a 3 point lead in the Women’s Cat 4 category with Tricia Brown sitting 3 points back in 2nd.

The Masters 40+ continues to be led by Jim Cochran, Atlas, on the strength of his 2 victories in Iowa City.  Shawn Loomis, Colorbiotics, won the Des Moines Road Race to move into 2nd place.

Randy Jones, Colorbiotics, took 2 victories in the Masters 50+ races to take a commanding lead in the category.  Chris Eastburn, ICCC, is in 2nd.

Next up in the 2011 Iowa Cup are the Historic Snake Alley Criterium and Melon City Criterium.  The biggest races in the competition still provide plenty of opportunity to score points in the Cup.


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