2012 Zealous Racing Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries

The Iowa Cup is back again in 2012 for what we hope is another exciting year of racing. We have been working hard with promotors this spring to get everything lined up to keep the same benefits that the leaders have had the last couple of years, and slight changes to the Iowa schedule has led to some shuffling for us, but we think its going to be worth it.

In its 7 years of existence, the Iowa Cup competition has really become a part of the fabric of Iowa Cycling. It’s the best points system we have to truly recognize the best road racers in the state in each category.

For a 3rd year, Zealous Consulting is back with us as a team, but we have a new title sponsor for the Iowa Cup in Tompkins Industries. The format and schedule will be very similar to previous years, however, we are always looking for ways to improve the series, including awards and a proper awards ceremony. With East Village no longer the last race in the series, and not wanting to infringe on the State Road Race awards ceremony, we will be looking to host something to present awards after that day. Watch for details on those fronts, as they come. (there are whisperings of award tshirts again…)

Schedule and Series Details

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