2012 Zealous Racing Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries Round #4

Another fun and exciting weekend of Iowa Racing is done and with it so is round #4 of the Iowa Cup. In the Men’s Elite race Matias worked to cement his lead while Carpenter jumped up to second place. Thus helping Mercy open their gap over BikesToYou in the team standings.

In the Women’s Elite, strong showing by Kim Eppen and Vanessa Curtis has Mercy controlling the podium placings in the individual race and opening a virtually unsurmountable lead in the team competition.

The Men’s 3s have Rekemeyer, Wandy, and Kullbom fighting over the podium spots. While Lincoln Eppard and Joe Peterson have a one point difference between them for first place in the Men’s 4s. Nicole Fiala continues to lead the Women’s 4s with Catherine McMullen making ground on her.

Chris Eastburn has opened up a sizable gap on Greg harper in the Masters 50+, but the 40+ race continues to be close between Cochran and Deninger.

Iowa Cup Standings


Zealous Racing Weekend Wrap Up

I have lots of people to thank for this weekend, but most importantly is my wife Sheri. Without her, none of this would have happened. I would also really like to thank all the people that traveled from all over the midwest to come race with us for the last two days and made the weekend a success for us. The crowds at Water Works and on Breeder’s hill were spectacular, and the 20 juniors we had at Water Works was well worth the time and effort the team put in to make the event happen.

Next round of the Iowa Cup is happening over on the east side of the state over the Memorial Day weekend. Thanks again for coming out!

Water Works Park Circuit Race Results

Breeder’s Hill Criterium Results

Iowa Cup Standings

Tompkins Elkhart TT #2 Results

Thanks for everybody coming out on a deceptively windy but otherwise goregeous Thursday evening for the second round of the 2012 Elkhart TT Series pb Tompkins Industries.  We had over 80 riders out racing and competition is strong in almost every category.

Derek Cassaday (Bikes2You) was our only sub 17 finisher this week and Carol Lewnau was our only woman to break the 20 minute barrier.

Thursday’s results are below. They will also be posted on USA Cycling by the conclusion of this weekend’s other races.

We hope to see you out at Water Works today and Breeder’s Hill tomorrow!

Last Name First Name Team Category elapsed time
Wall Scott Colorbiotics 40 17:21.0
Mashka Don 40 18:03.3
Cornelison Dave 40 18:10.0
Grandgeorge Greg 40 18:53.7
Burdick Jeff 40 19:11.2
Green David 40 20:06.3
Hahn Jason 40 21:54.1
Knutson Kelly 50 17:58.3
Reichardt Doug 50 18:16.1
Catron Randy DMCC 50 19:31.7
Jones Brad 50 19:56.3
Koestler Peter Zealous 50 20:31.5
Babcock Bruce 50 20:47.3
Sauve Curt North Iowa Spin 50 21:44.4
Vellinga Lane 50 22:42.1
Ryan Kevin 50 23:04.7
Karsjen Steve 50 23:12.6
Black Paul DMCC 60 19:48.1
Ortega Deems 60 20:40.4
Leehoven Tony 60 20:56.5
Grapentine Terry 60 22:22.2
Fortney Harry DMCC 60 22:43.1
Hill Earl North Iowa Spin 60 24:54.6
Hartwig John 70 23:12.0
Vald Roman 4’5 17:24.0
Bernstein Jason 4’5 17:42.6
Fried Jerret 4’5 18:44.6
Johnson Craig 4’5 19:09.5
Terhark Brian 4’5 19:41.7
Johnson Chad 4’5 19:55.3
Hilsabeck Travis 4’5 19:58.6
Wubin Brian 4’5 20:06.5
Johnson Zach 4’5 20:10.9
Holstrum Jonathon 4’5 20:19.1
Brown TJ 4’5 22:23.7
Knoedel Bill 4’5 23:32.3
Arndt Bryan 4’5 23:33.7
Brown John EM 19:12.4
Estabrook Jonathon EM 19:14.0
Heinania Rami EM 19:19.8
Vande Lune Chad EM 19:53.1
Wilev John EM 20:54.3
Swain Brian EM 21:12.5
Dittmann Robert EM 21:29.2
Alexander David EM 21:30.8
Matula Michael EM 21:31.6
Olkiewicz Chris EM 22:09.4
Fagerstrom Michael EM 26:50.8
Haws Hunter Jr 19:26.4
Eschrrich Sam DMCC Jr 21:27.0
Hedgecock Trey DMCC Jr 21:50.0
Rosamund Patrick jr 23:35.1
Bernstein Connor Jr 29:59.4
Hill Naomi JrW 26:03.9
Rewerts Kacie JrW 27:30.7
Rewerts Kelby JrW 28:57.8
Cassaday Derek open 16:49.8
Lippold David open 17:20.6
Anderson Lane zealous open 17:26.7
Hantleman Kurt Thrive open 17:43.2
McLaren Jared open 18:13.2
Pesch Ryan Colorbiotics open 18:19.4
Goedken Shawn open 18:26.2
Iberra Inigo open 19:18.7
West/Cook Kim/Sue Zealous tandem 18:17.3
Hammer/DuBois Dave/Cindy DMCC tandem 18:55.7
Doff Michelle w4 24:11.2
Gervais Abby w4 25:38.8
York Erica w4 27:04.5
Dunivan Sandy DMCC w40 22:39.1
Goodman Julie w40 23:09.0
Schuman Ann w40 25:13.0
Forrest Nancy w40 28:33.7
Kuhns Karalyn w40 28:58.5
McGuire Cindy WEM 23:35.7
Lewnau Carol Colorbiotics wopen 19:44.3
Flood Aryn wopen 20:06.6
Uscilowski Loren wopen 20:54.1
Kelly Megan wopen 22:32.5
Geiger Heidi wopen 22:50.7
Little Rachelle Zealous wopen 23:14.5
Pohlmeyer Michelle DMCC wopen 24:01.6
LeCroy Lanette wopen 24:43.6