2013 Tompkins Elkhart TT #1 Results

Wow! What a showing for the first installment of the 2013 Tompkins Elkhart Time Trial Series. 88 riders faced a steady 14 mph headwind on the way out, and temps right around 60 degrees.  Despite the wind, folks were happy to finally have a nice night to ride!

See you May 9th for #2!

Last First Club Category   Elapsed time
Casper Daniel 40 16:25.4
Cornelison Dave 40 18:52.3
Burdick Jeff 40 18:54.6
Grandgeorge Greg 40 18:58.6
Stevenson Peter 40 19:19.0
Martens Kevin 40 19:32.7
White Jim 40 19:36.4
Green David 40 20:34.2
Volante Dave 40 22:25.3
Wall Scott 50 17:44.9
Knutson Kelly 50 17:50.0
Catron Randy 50 19:05.0
Lones Brad 50 19:34.2
Babcock Bruce 50 20:02.5
Brown John 50 20:16.7
Kruzic Deanny 50 20:34.9
Koestler Peter 50 21:45.8
Suave Curt 50 22:00.3
Linser Mark 50 22:53.0
Black Paul 60 19:29.5
Grapentine Terry 60 21:13.8
Leehoven Tony 60 21:16.1
Fortney Harry 60 22:28.1
Morkert Craig 60 22:42.3
Hill Earl 60 24:27.2
Vald Roman 4’5 16:26.7
Golebiewski Artur 4’5 18:56.4
Jacks Tobin 4’5 19:05.3
O’Brien Sean 4’5 19:22.7
Wisnousky Ryan 4’5 19:53.2
Krohse David 4’5 19:54.3
Pickard Randy 4’5 19:58.0
Boyd Joshua 4’5 20:04.8
Rozeboom Cody 4’5 20:29.7
Shannon Dustin 4’5 20:45.3
Claussen Derek 4’5 21:18.6
Bartels Josh 4’5 23:22.6
Sturgeon Bob 70+ 22:34.6
Alexander David EM 19:10.4
Goertz Kurtis EM 23:31.8
Boyer Stan handcycle 36:41.1
Hedgecock Trey Jr 20:20.7
Trent Jared Jr 21:11.1
Rosamund Patrick Jr 21:28.3
Stevenson Xavier Jr 22:44.9
Johnson Nicholas Jr 24:53.2
Andrews Matthew Jr 29:08.8
Naughton Rebecca JrW 24:27.3
Horner Lexi JrW 24:40.4
Hill Naoi JrW 24:51.4
Neary Hannah JrW 26:09.7
Hill Lydia JrW 29:32.1
Horner Paige JrW 29:44.8
Toftoy Jon open 16:10.2
Cassaday Derek open 17:20.9
Hantleman Kurt open 17:23.5
Bockeman Eric open 17:26.5
Bernstein Jason open 17:37.8
Jonhson Gerald open 17:39.2
Lippold David open 18:02.9
Wallace Kelly open 18:23.8
Ventling Adam open 18:28.5
Hockstein Joshua open 19:04.1
Johnson Sklyer open 22:17.0
Gritters Rick rec 19:19.4
Steinle Brent rec 20:22.7
Martin Chris/Monika tandem 17:55.1
Cornelison/Ucilowski tandem 19:01.6
West/Cook Kim/Sue tandem 20:59.5
Ruhtenberg Maria W40 21:57.5
Dunivan Sandy w40 22:18.0
Goodman Julie W40 22:29.0
Kuhns Karalyn W40 25:42.6
York Erica W40 26:36.0
Wyma Corrine w4’5 22:53.8
Bruxvoort Ash w4’5 23:50.1
Pohlmeyer Michelle W4’5 24:49.5
McQueen Terry w4’5 26:09.2
Robinson Sheri WEM 23:12.5
Buell Lee WEM 24:03.5
Riedl Jessica WEM 24:53.4
Little Rachelle WEM 25:34.0
Boyer Roz WEM 26:37.7
Uscilowski Loren Wopen 19:17.4
Walsh-Wingate Kelly Wopen 21:38.4
Bernstein Kerrie wopen 21:49.4
Geiger Heidi Wopen 23:57.4
Berard Tianna wopen 24:09.8
LeCroy Lanette wopen 25:00.4

2013 Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries

It is that time of year again. Time to announce the new schedule for the Zealous Racing Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries in 2013. Over the past few years we have slowly expanded the number of races that have been part of the series, but this year sees the number contract to just 10 races making each and every one of them that much more important. The lower number of races allowed us to also have only one weekend of racing per month except for the state races in August. Hopefully that will make it easier for people to make them all.

First, lets recap the 2012 winners:

Men’s Elite Team: Iowa City Cycling Club
Women’s Elite Team: Iowa City Cycling Club
Elite Men: Matias Perret (Iowa City Cycling Club)
Elite Women: Lisa Vetterlein (Smart Honda Women’s Team)
Masters 40+: Paul Deninger (Velosport Iowa /American Equity)
Masters 50+: Christopher Eastburn (Iowa City Cycling Club)
Men’s Cat3: Nathan Kullbom (Atlas Cycling)
Men’s Cat4: Brenden Hardy
Women’s Cat4: Nicole Fiala (American Equity Racng Team)

This year, like the last few, the previous years winners will receive free entry into the IACity Road Race this weekend, but only for the category they were previously in. After the first weekend the current leaders will be given free entry into each of the IACup events for the category that they are leading. The rest of the rules can be located over at zealousracing.com. Also, an added bonus of leading the IACup coming into the Memorial Day weekend races is the chance to maybe get one of the coveted Snake Alley Call Ups! Now on to the 2013 IACup schedule.

Round 1:
Iowa City RR
Old Cap Crit

Round 2:
Snake Alley Crit
Melon City Crit

Round 3:
Rose Fest Crit
State Center RR

Round 4:
Clear Lake Crit
Clear Lake RR

Round 5:
East Village Crit – State

Round 6:
River City RR – State