2013 Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries

It is that time of year again. Time to announce the new schedule for the Zealous Racing Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries in 2013. Over the past few years we have slowly expanded the number of races that have been part of the series, but this year sees the number contract to just 10 races making each and every one of them that much more important. The lower number of races allowed us to also have only one weekend of racing per month except for the state races in August. Hopefully that will make it easier for people to make them all.

First, lets recap the 2012 winners:

Men’s Elite Team: Iowa City Cycling Club
Women’s Elite Team: Iowa City Cycling Club
Elite Men: Matias Perret (Iowa City Cycling Club)
Elite Women: Lisa Vetterlein (Smart Honda Women’s Team)
Masters 40+: Paul Deninger (Velosport Iowa /American Equity)
Masters 50+: Christopher Eastburn (Iowa City Cycling Club)
Men’s Cat3: Nathan Kullbom (Atlas Cycling)
Men’s Cat4: Brenden Hardy
Women’s Cat4: Nicole Fiala (American Equity Racng Team)

This year, like the last few, the previous years winners will receive free entry into the IACity Road Race this weekend, but only for the category they were previously in. After the first weekend the current leaders will be given free entry into each of the IACup events for the category that they are leading. The rest of the rules can be located over at zealousracing.com. Also, an added bonus of leading the IACup coming into the Memorial Day weekend races is the chance to maybe get one of the coveted Snake Alley Call Ups! Now on to the 2013 IACup schedule.

Round 1:
Iowa City RR
Old Cap Crit

Round 2:
Snake Alley Crit
Melon City Crit

Round 3:
Rose Fest Crit
State Center RR

Round 4:
Clear Lake Crit
Clear Lake RR

Round 5:
East Village Crit – State

Round 6:
River City RR – State

2 thoughts on “2013 Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries

  1. Nicole Fiala April 28, 2013 / 21:36

    Does the snake alley criterium women’s cat 2,3 count toward iowa cup points?

    • wackorobie April 29, 2013 / 09:29

      The IACup race for the Women’s Elite category is the Cat1/2/3 race as the IACup category is for the Cat1/2/3 women. If we did the Cat2/3 race, then the Cat1s would not have an eligible race that day and that defeats the purpose of rewarding the strongest woman in the state.

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