Iowa Cup Standing pb Zealous Consulting – Round #7

The last race in the 2011 Iowa Cup Series is upon us, the East Village Criterium is just days away.  There are several compelling battles that will come down to the wire.  The Iowa Cup stat crew will be hard at work to compile the results and crown the winners on race day.

Not only did last weekend’s road race in West Branch determine the Iowa State Road Race champions, it was the penultimate race in the 2011 Iowa Cup.

In the Men’s elite division, the top 3 in the series found themselves ahead of the field battling it out for the top 3 state medals as well as the Iowa Cup points.  Mattias Perrett took the win, ahead of Jared Osterloh, and Brian West.  Mattias extended his lead to 5 points over Brian and 7 points over Jared.  It will be hard, but not impossible, for Brian or Jared to overtake Mattias’ lead in the final race.  Mattias holds the tie-breaker over both Brian and Jared, so, for Brian to win the series, he needs a top 2 finish at East Village with Mattias earning at least 6 points less.  For Jared to win, he has to take the win at East Village and Mattias has to finish 6th or lower.  Longshots, for sure, but this is the first year we’ve had 3 riders in contention on the final day.

Mattias’ team, ICCC regained the lead from World of Bikes/Bikes2You by a slim 4 points.  This was a 3 team race heading into the State RR, but now it will be a 2 team race, unless American Equity or Zealous Racing have a great day and stack the top of the results.  For ICCC and WoB/B2U every placing will be important for the team battle.

In the Men’s 3s, only Vance Fletcher and Dan Galles have the points necessary to overtake Kevin Severs with wins on Saturday.

Mike Reagan holds a 5 point lead over Ryan Pesch in the Men’s 4s going into the final day.

The Women’s Elite and Elite Team were decided long ago, Cassandra Kessler and her team ICCC have blown away the field and will earn decisive victories at East Village.

Magen Kelly pulled away from the competition in the Women’s 4s to hold a 20 point lead and sure victory.

In the Masters 40+, Shawn Loomis looks sure to take the win, only losing if Jim Cochran wins and Shawn is unable to score a point.

Chris Eastburn and Randy Jones have battled all season in the Masters 50+ with Chris holding a 1 point lead on Randy heading into the finale.  Chris also holds the tie-breaker over Randy.


We will be onsite all day Saturday tabulating results and trying to get the morning races awarded after the results are final. While most of the afternoon races will be awarded following the end of the Category 1/2 race at the end of the day. Like always we are trying to improve on the previous years awards, and hope that everyone is excited about this years as we are.

Iowa Cup Standing pb Zealous Consulting – Round #6

The 2011 Iowa Cup presented by Zealous Consulting resumes this weekend at the Iowa State Road Race Championships.  2 races remain to decide the champions.

The Clear Lake Criterium and Road Race provided a great opportunity for racers to seperate themselves or pull themselves into contention in their respective categories.

The Men’s Elite Team competition remains tight with World of Bikes/Bikes2You holding a 1 point lead over Iowa City Cycling Club and American Equity Racing.  Previous leader, Zealous Racing, falls to 4th place, 12 points down.

Brian West used his State Criterium Championship ride on Saturday to take the 10 points for his first place Iowan finish and take a short-lived lead in the Men’s Elite Individual competition.  Mattias Perret was able to tie up the standings in the RR with his finish as 6th Iowan.  Jared Osterloh remains in contention 4 points behind.

Other notable happenings: Shawn Loomis seized the lead in the 40+ category, while Mike Reagan put 3 points between he and 2nd place Ryan Pesch in the Men’s 4 category.  Megan Kelly added some breathing room between her and Tricia Brown in the Women’s 4s.


Iowa Cup Standing pb Zealous Consulting – Round #5

Two great races were offered up to the riders this past weekend in State Center for the Rose Festival.  The Rose Festival Crit on Friday night got the action started with Saturday’s road race making for a balanced weekend.

Competition tightened in both the Men’s Elite Team and Individual competitions as Jared Osterloh, Zealous Racing clawed closer to leader Mattias Perret, ICCC, who sits just 2 points ahead of Osterloh.  Brian West, Bikes2You/World of Bikes, remains in 3rd but lost a little ground.  The Elite Team competition remains a heated 4 way battle with Zealous Racing tieing for the lead with ICCC with American Equity just 2 points back.  B2U, WOB earned the most points of the weekend at 15 and now sits within 10 points of the lead.

Due to problems with the scoring of the Cat3s in the Criterium, we have yet to award any points to that category.


Iowa Cup Standing pb Zealous Consulting – Round #4

The 2011 Iowa Cup, presented by Zealous Consulting, hit the halfway point for the season with races tightening in almost every category.  The Snake Alley Criterium and Melon City Criterium were races 6 and 7 in the 13 race series.

In what was predicted to be the most exciting race of the season, the Men’s Elite Team competition, a look at the standings shows this isn’t going to dissappoint.  ICCC holds onto the lead, but only by a slim 3 points over American Equity with Zealous Racing only 1 point back in 3rd.  Bikes To You/ World of Bikes jumped into the race with a good outing in Melon City.

Mattias Perrett, ICCC, holds onto an 8 point margin over Jared Osterloh, Zealous Racing, who, saw his chance to take the lead in Muscatine, thwarted by a late race crash.  Brian West, B2U/ WOB climbed into 3rd overall.

There were no Iowa finishers in the 1,2 category of Snake Alley, so, no points were awarded, due to the irratic placing of pulled riders.

All the categories have been updated.  Check out the standings.

The next races in the series are the Rose Festival Crit and Road Race in State Center, IA, Friday June 17 and Saturday, June 18.  We’re coming down the stretch in the series and almost every category has close races.


Iowa Cup Standing pb Zealous Consulting – Round #3

The Zealous Race Team and Central Iowa hosted races 4 and 5 of the 2011 Iowa Cup series.  Race #4 was the Zealous Classic RR, north of Des Moines and Race #5 was the always tough State Fairgrounds Criterium in Des Moines.

The Weekend saw the tightening of this year’s best competition, so far, the Men’s Elite Team competition.  American Equity used a commanding Road Race to Move into the lead, with Iowa City Cycling able to tie up the competition in the criterium with the leader coming into the weekend, Zealous Racing, now sitting 3rd, just 2 points back.

Mattias Perrett, ICCC, used 2 2nd place finishes to take back and extend his lead in the Men’s 1,2 competition.  Jared Osterloh, Zealous Racing, sits 2nd place with Lou Waugaman, American Equity, pulling into 3rd place on the strength of his win in the Road Race.

The Men’s Cat 3 competition was siezed by Kevin Severs, Colorbiotics, with a finish as 1st Cat 3 in the Road Race and a win in the Cat 3 criterium.  Dan Galles, Atlas, used consistant performances to move into 2nd place in the category.

Young, William Rekemeyer, DMOS, climbed into the lead with his solo victory in the Criterium.  Travis Jass, Fort Dodge Trisport, sits a close 2nd with 2 2nd place finishes on the weekend, while Saturday’s RR winner, Mike Reagan, Rassmussens, is in 3rd.

Casasandra Kessler, ICCC, took her third and fourth finishes as first Iowan in a row to extend her lead over teamate, Cara Hamann, also extending ICCC’s huge lead in the team competition.

Megan Kelly, Velo Rosa, has used consistant performances to take a 3 point lead in the Women’s Cat 4 category with Tricia Brown sitting 3 points back in 2nd.

The Masters 40+ continues to be led by Jim Cochran, Atlas, on the strength of his 2 victories in Iowa City.  Shawn Loomis, Colorbiotics, won the Des Moines Road Race to move into 2nd place.

Randy Jones, Colorbiotics, took 2 victories in the Masters 50+ races to take a commanding lead in the category.  Chris Eastburn, ICCC, is in 2nd.

Next up in the 2011 Iowa Cup are the Historic Snake Alley Criterium and Melon City Criterium.  The biggest races in the competition still provide plenty of opportunity to score points in the Cup.


Iowa Cup Standing pb Zealous Consulting – Round #2

An absolutely beautiful day and a super course greeted racers for the 3rd race in the 2011 Iowa Cup, the Squaw Creek Criterium.  The course at Squaw Creek received many compliments all day.

The Men’s Elite Team and Individual lead were taken in a big way by Zealous Racing and it’s leader Jared Osterloh.  Zealous put 3 riders into the winning 5 rider break.  Jared scored the max 10 points with his 2nd place finish to WI rider, Brandon Krawczyk.  Chad Bishop. American Equity finished 3rd with Lane Anderson and Jerome Rewerts, Zealous, rounding out the top 5.  Osterloh now sits alone atop the standings with 21 points with ICCC duo of Mattias Perret and Brendan Kealy in 2nd and 3rd.  Zealous Racing holds a slim margin ahead of ICCC with American Equity in 3rd.

The Women’s Elite Team and Individual lead were extended soundly by Cassandra Kessler and her Iowa City Cycling Team.  Kessler took the win on Saturday and teammate, and 2nd place in the standings, Cara Hamann , took 3rd.  Carol Lewnau, Colorbiotics, was able to break the ICCC lock on 1,2 and take 2nd on the day.

Kevin Severs, Colorbiotics, took control of the 3s race with his victory.  Nathan Hicks, Zealous Racing, took 2nd on the day.

William Rekemeyer, DMOS-RDMB, has shown consistancy in finishing top 3 in each of the Iowa Cup races this year.  He now sits alone atop the Cat 4 standings with Matt Nagel, who scored 5th place points, sits alone in 2nd.

The Masters 40+ continues to be led by Jim Cochran, Atlas, but Mark Beatty, Twisted Spokes, and Karl Rosenberg were able to gain ground in his absence, and move into 2nd and 3rd.

Chris Eastburn, ICCC, found himself tied for the lead in the 50+ race, due to a flat in the Iowa City RR.  He was able to take over sole possession with the victory on Saturday.  Randy Jones, Colorbiotics, took 2nd on the day, moving him into 2nd overall.

Tricia Brown, ICCC, was able to tie teammate Darcy Stanford atop the Women’s 4s standings with her victory at Squaw Creek.  Megan Kelly, Velo Rosa, sits in 3rd following her 2nd place finish on the day.

We’re right back into the action this weekend with the Zealous Classic RR and State Fairgrounds Criterium in Des Moines.  Lots of points on offer.  Anyone wanting the coveted free entry to Memorial Weekend and Call up at Snake (Yes call up to the front row!) will need to be in Des Moines this Saturday and Sunday.

Full Results

Iowa Cup Standings pb Zealous Consulting – Round #1

The 2011 Iowa Cup got underway with the Iowa City RR and Old Capitol Criterium.  With the latest start in Cup history, there were bound to be some riders anxious to stamp their authority on the series.  The 2 race weekend allowed some to build big leads with some double victories, while in other categories, created a tight race at the top with a mix of results.

The top of the Men’s 1,2 standings are controlled by two Iowa City Cycling Team riders, who used their home town races to get the early lead in the standngs.  Mattias Perret took 6th in the Road Race, to grab the 10 points and Brendan Kealy, scored the 10 in the Crit, also 6th place.  Mattias’ finish in the crit garnered him 2 more points than Kealy, who finished as 5th Iowan in the road race, and the lead after weekend #1.  Jared Osterloh, Zealous Racing, showed consistancy, with the finish as 4th Iowan on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday, leaving him just 2 points back in 3rd.

Obviously, the team lead is dominated by the Iowa City Cycling Club, with the other teams log-jammed in a virtual tie for 2nd.  With 4 strong teams this year, the Men’s Elite competition will be fun to watch.  Iowa City has the jump on repeating as team champions.

We knew the Women’s 1,2,3 race would be full of new faces this year and the first weekend of racing proved us almost correct, there were new faces in the women 1,2,3 race, but we’ve seen their names for the past couple years atop the women Cat 4 standings.  Cassandra Kessler, Iowa City Cycling Club, leads the standings with her finish as first Iowan on Sunday and 2nd on Saturday.  Teamate, Cara Hamann sits tied for 2nd with Julie Foersch of Hawkeye Bike Association.

As in the Men’s Elite Team Competition, Iowa City has started the season with a commanding lead.

In what has to be the earliest exits from a category in Iowa Cup history, the Cat 3 leader, Kevin Temple, Bikes2You/World Of Bikes, will have a short time at the top, as he’s upgraded to a Cat 2.  Geoff Perrill of ICCC has the virtual lead with Kevin Severs, Colorbiotics, and Dan Galles, Atlas, close behind.

Travis Jass, Fort Dodge Trisport, and Matt Nagel, sit tied atop the Cat 4 standings, each grabbing a top Iowan finish on alternate days.  William Rekemeyer, DMOS/RDMB, finished between them both days and sits only 1 point behind.

Jim Cochran, Atlas, used a pair of wins in the 40+ events to establish a large margin over ICCC riders Greg Duethman and Jeff Barnes, who each had 2nd place finishes to Jim.

ICCC, again, boasts 2 riders atop another category, the 50+ Masters.  Chris Eastburn, scored 10 points in the criterium to tie teamate Dan Shaffer, who scored 10 the day before.  Wayne Fett, Goosetown Racing Club, and Randy Jones, Colorbiotics, sit tied for 3rd.

Darcy Stanford, ICCC took a pair of victories in the Women’s 4s races to take a commanding lead in the standings.  Teamate Tricia Brown sits in 2nd with Amy Oberbroeckling of Q7 Cycling in 3rd.

Next on tap for the Iowa Cup is the Squaw Creek Circuit race in Marion Iowa.  With 3 races in 9 days, the Iowa Cup race will really take form in the next 2 weeks.

Full Results

UPDATE: Masters40+ Results were missing John Stonebarger who picked up 3 points at the Road Race. He was added and those below him were shuffled back a spot.

2011 Iowa Cup pb Zealous Consulting

We are proud to announce the Iowa Cup is back for another great year of competition for 2011.

In its 6 years of existence, the Iowa Cup competition has really become a part of the fabric of Iowa Cycling. It’s the best points system we have to truly recognize the best road racers in the state in each category.

For the 2nd year in a row, Zealous Consulting is the title sponsor of the Iowa Cup. The format and schedule will be very similar to previous years, however, we are always looking for ways to improve the series, including awards and a proper awards ceremony. Watch for details on those fronts, as they come.

Schedule and Series Details