Iowa State CX Wrap Up

The Iowa Cyclocross State Championships are wrapped up for the year, and we had a record turn out in racers. We surpassed every state championship turnout since Zealous started hosting it, and had riders from Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, and Kentucky.

I would like to thank our sponsors for all that they did to help us to get the event off the ground. Whether that help came in the form of schwag, materials, assistance, or financial it all makes the world of difference.

Full results are posted over on USA Cycling’s website and the State Medals are listed below based on Category.

  • Mens CX1/2
    • Gold – James Cochran
    • Silver – Brian West
    • Bronze – Ryan Jacobsen
  • Womens CX1/2
    • Gold – Vanessa Curtis
    • Silver – Brittany Mcconnell
    • Bronze – Darcy Sanford
  • Mens CX3
    • Gold – Jared Ritz
    • Silver – Tyler Reynolds
    • Bronze – Donnie Bandy
  • Womens CX3
    • Gold – Alijah Beatty
    • Silver – Elizabeth Van Houweling
    • Bronze – Linda Cooper
  • Mens CX4/5
    • Gold – Kevin O’conner
    • Silver – Jason Sholly
    • Bronze – Sean Dickinson
  • Women CX4
    • Gold – Michelle Cleasby
    • Silver – Kerri Bernstein
    • Bronze – Jennifer Bockelmann
  • Jr Girls 10-12
    • Gold – Lilly Ferguson
    • Silver – Callah Robinson
    • Bronze – Mya Schroeder
  • Jr Boys 10-12
    • Gold – Brody Burnham
    • Silver – Hayden Patterson
    • Bronze – Colton Jondle
  • Jr Girls 13-15
    • Gold – Willow Olsen
  • Jr Boys 13-15
    • Gold – Luke Skov
    • Silver – Dakota Olsen
    • Bronze – Luke Feuerhelm
  • Jr Boys 16-18
    • Gold – Tyler Curtis
    • Silver – Daniel Van Beek
    • Bronze – Kaden Snoop
  • Men 35-44
    • Gold – Geoff Perrill
    • Silver – Christopher Welsh
    • Bronze – Randy Reichardt
  • Women 35-44
    • Vanessa Curtis
    • Darcy Sanford
    • Sheri Robinson
  • Men 45-54
    • Jerome Rewerts
    • Chad Vande Lune
    • John Peters
  • Men 55-64
    • Thomas Scholz
    • David Delperdang
    • James Hopson
  • Women 55-64
    • Sarah Barber
    • Sandra Dunivan
    • Kathleen Porter
  • Men 65+
    • Norman Wellings
    • Harry Fortney
    • Richard Gilmore

2013 Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries

It is that time of year again. Time to announce the new schedule for the Zealous Racing Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries in 2013. Over the past few years we have slowly expanded the number of races that have been part of the series, but this year sees the number contract to just 10 races making each and every one of them that much more important. The lower number of races allowed us to also have only one weekend of racing per month except for the state races in August. Hopefully that will make it easier for people to make them all.

First, lets recap the 2012 winners:

Men’s Elite Team: Iowa City Cycling Club
Women’s Elite Team: Iowa City Cycling Club
Elite Men: Matias Perret (Iowa City Cycling Club)
Elite Women: Lisa Vetterlein (Smart Honda Women’s Team)
Masters 40+: Paul Deninger (Velosport Iowa /American Equity)
Masters 50+: Christopher Eastburn (Iowa City Cycling Club)
Men’s Cat3: Nathan Kullbom (Atlas Cycling)
Men’s Cat4: Brenden Hardy
Women’s Cat4: Nicole Fiala (American Equity Racng Team)

This year, like the last few, the previous years winners will receive free entry into the IACity Road Race this weekend, but only for the category they were previously in. After the first weekend the current leaders will be given free entry into each of the IACup events for the category that they are leading. The rest of the rules can be located over at Also, an added bonus of leading the IACup coming into the Memorial Day weekend races is the chance to maybe get one of the coveted Snake Alley Call Ups! Now on to the 2013 IACup schedule.

Round 1:
Iowa City RR
Old Cap Crit

Round 2:
Snake Alley Crit
Melon City Crit

Round 3:
Rose Fest Crit
State Center RR

Round 4:
Clear Lake Crit
Clear Lake RR

Round 5:
East Village Crit – State

Round 6:
River City RR – State

2012 Zealous Racing Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries Round #4

Another fun and exciting weekend of Iowa Racing is done and with it so is round #4 of the Iowa Cup. In the Men’s Elite race Matias worked to cement his lead while Carpenter jumped up to second place. Thus helping Mercy open their gap over BikesToYou in the team standings.

In the Women’s Elite, strong showing by Kim Eppen and Vanessa Curtis has Mercy controlling the podium placings in the individual race and opening a virtually unsurmountable lead in the team competition.

The Men’s 3s have Rekemeyer, Wandy, and Kullbom fighting over the podium spots. While Lincoln Eppard and Joe Peterson have a one point difference between them for first place in the Men’s 4s. Nicole Fiala continues to lead the Women’s 4s with Catherine McMullen making ground on her.

Chris Eastburn has opened up a sizable gap on Greg harper in the Masters 50+, but the 40+ race continues to be close between Cochran and Deninger.

Iowa Cup Standings

Zealous Racing Weekend Wrap Up

I have lots of people to thank for this weekend, but most importantly is my wife Sheri. Without her, none of this would have happened. I would also really like to thank all the people that traveled from all over the midwest to come race with us for the last two days and made the weekend a success for us. The crowds at Water Works and on Breeder’s hill were spectacular, and the 20 juniors we had at Water Works was well worth the time and effort the team put in to make the event happen.

Next round of the Iowa Cup is happening over on the east side of the state over the Memorial Day weekend. Thanks again for coming out!

Water Works Park Circuit Race Results

Breeder’s Hill Criterium Results

Iowa Cup Standings

Zealous Racing and Tompkins Industries Race Weekend

Back for another year is the race at the state fairgrounds with a new name. Breeders Hill Criterium is the same great course with all new asphalt on Breeder’s Hill, and another increase to the pay outs. So make sure to come back for some Snake Alley practice and valuable Iowa Cup points.

We are also happy to announce the return of the Water Works Park circuit race. Water Works was kind enough to completely repave the old loop, and mother nature was willing to hold back the flooding. For those of you who missed out on these races in the past, you are sure to enjoy a crowd favorite.

Online registration is now open over at USA Cycling, and will remain open until the night before each race. So save yourself the hassle of day of registration and some money with early registration discounts. Hope to see everyone there.

Tompkins Elkhart TT #1 Results

Thanks to all the riders who came out yesterday for the first of this year’s Topmkins Eklhart Time Trial Series.  Baseline times for the year were set under sprinkling skies dry and moderate south wind.  On the men’s side Jon Toftoy (Eden Prairie, MN) set the time to beat so far with a blistering 15:57, one of the fastest times we’ve ever had in an April round.  On the women’s side, Loren Uscilowski (Des Moines / VeloRosa) won with a 19:30.

We also learned last night that Kippy’s Place in Elkhart has a nice patio for when it warms up this summer and some humongous tacos!

Thanks as always to our volunteers and official Bruce Pesch for helping keeping everything safe and smooth out there.

Official results have been posted at the USA Cycling website. See you all in May!

2012 Zealous Racing Iowa Cup pb Tompkins Industries

The Iowa Cup is back again in 2012 for what we hope is another exciting year of racing. We have been working hard with promotors this spring to get everything lined up to keep the same benefits that the leaders have had the last couple of years, and slight changes to the Iowa schedule has led to some shuffling for us, but we think its going to be worth it.

In its 7 years of existence, the Iowa Cup competition has really become a part of the fabric of Iowa Cycling. It’s the best points system we have to truly recognize the best road racers in the state in each category.

For a 3rd year, Zealous Consulting is back with us as a team, but we have a new title sponsor for the Iowa Cup in Tompkins Industries. The format and schedule will be very similar to previous years, however, we are always looking for ways to improve the series, including awards and a proper awards ceremony. With East Village no longer the last race in the series, and not wanting to infringe on the State Road Race awards ceremony, we will be looking to host something to present awards after that day. Watch for details on those fronts, as they come. (there are whisperings of award tshirts again…)

Schedule and Series Details

Elkhart #3 – Reschedule

The Elkhart TT Series will resume this Thursday to make up the earlier June race that was postponed due to weather.  As of now it looks like we will have mild, dry weather and fast conditions.  Come out and test your early summer fitness.  Registration  begins at 5:00 and closes at 6:15 with the first rider off at 6:30.  See you there.

Elkhart TimeTrial #2 Results

The rain held off for us and we ended up with a beautiful, warm May evening for TT-ing out at Elkhart.  Over 90 riders tackled the 12km course and many PRs and benchmarks for the season were set.  All in all the average time this month was 4 minutes (or 17%) faster than our blustery kickoff race in April.  It was also a very close race at the top of the Mens Open with Derek Cassady setting the pace with a 16:19, just two seconds ahead of JJ Bailey and six seconds ahead of Gerald Johnson.  A rockin’ four tandems also showed up to race with the Martin’s nearly breaking 17 minutes.  And Julie Zierke-Clarke put down the fastest women’s time of the night at 18:29.

Thanks to all for coming out and a huge thanks to Rachelle Little from Zealous Consulting and all our volunteers who help put on the race.  Thank them next time you’re clipping in at the start line.

Category points will be posted next week. Thanks to all who came out.

Results are available for download 2011 Elkhart TT Series Results – Race 2 and at USAC.

Zealous Race Weekend

2 weeks to go until round #3 of the Iowa Cup. The Iowa State Fair Criterium is back for its second year and ready to break a few more riders with its unrelenting climbs and technical corners.

New for this year will be the Zealous Spring Road Race, which will be a 1o mile rolling loop making the weekend have something for everyone. Both climbers and rouleurs will have a chance this year.

Online registration is open at USAC cycling. So save yourself $10 for gas and head on over and get registered today. Don’t forget that the leaders of the IACup will receive a refund for their entry fee the day of the races.

Zealous Spring Road Race & Iowa State Fair Criterium