Iowa State CX Wrap Up

The Iowa Cyclocross State Championships are wrapped up for the year, and we had a record turn out in racers. We surpassed every state championship turnout since Zealous started hosting it, and had riders from Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, and Kentucky.

I would like to thank our sponsors for all that they did to help us to get the event off the ground. Whether that help came in the form of schwag, materials, assistance, or financial it all makes the world of difference.

Full results are posted over on USA Cycling’s website and the State Medals are listed below based on Category.

  • Mens CX1/2
    • Gold – James Cochran
    • Silver – Brian West
    • Bronze – Ryan Jacobsen
  • Womens CX1/2
    • Gold – Vanessa Curtis
    • Silver – Brittany Mcconnell
    • Bronze – Darcy Sanford
  • Mens CX3
    • Gold – Jared Ritz
    • Silver – Tyler Reynolds
    • Bronze – Donnie Bandy
  • Womens CX3
    • Gold – Alijah Beatty
    • Silver – Elizabeth Van Houweling
    • Bronze – Linda Cooper
  • Mens CX4/5
    • Gold – Kevin O’conner
    • Silver – Jason Sholly
    • Bronze – Sean Dickinson
  • Women CX4
    • Gold – Michelle Cleasby
    • Silver – Kerri Bernstein
    • Bronze – Jennifer Bockelmann
  • Jr Girls 10-12
    • Gold – Lilly Ferguson
    • Silver – Callah Robinson
    • Bronze – Mya Schroeder
  • Jr Boys 10-12
    • Gold – Brody Burnham
    • Silver – Hayden Patterson
    • Bronze – Colton Jondle
  • Jr Girls 13-15
    • Gold – Willow Olsen
  • Jr Boys 13-15
    • Gold – Luke Skov
    • Silver – Dakota Olsen
    • Bronze – Luke Feuerhelm
  • Jr Boys 16-18
    • Gold – Tyler Curtis
    • Silver – Daniel Van Beek
    • Bronze – Kaden Snoop
  • Men 35-44
    • Gold – Geoff Perrill
    • Silver – Christopher Welsh
    • Bronze – Randy Reichardt
  • Women 35-44
    • Vanessa Curtis
    • Darcy Sanford
    • Sheri Robinson
  • Men 45-54
    • Jerome Rewerts
    • Chad Vande Lune
    • John Peters
  • Men 55-64
    • Thomas Scholz
    • David Delperdang
    • James Hopson
  • Women 55-64
    • Sarah Barber
    • Sandra Dunivan
    • Kathleen Porter
  • Men 65+
    • Norman Wellings
    • Harry Fortney
    • Richard Gilmore

2012 Iowa CX Championships — Medalists

Gold – Kevin McConnell
Silver – Ryan Jacobsen
Bronze – Jerome Rewerts

Womens Cat1/2:
Gold – Robin Williams
Silver – Brittany Mcconnell
Bronze – Darcy Sanford

Mens Cat3:
Gold – Brian Fuhrmann
Silver – William Rekemeyer
Bronze – Derek Cassaday

Womens Cat3:
Gold – Linda Cooper
Silver – Emily Robnett
Bronze – Lisa DeShano

Mens Cat4:
Gold – Patrick Davis
Silver – Chad Donahue
Bronze – Christopher Welsh

Womens Cat4:
Gold – Jamie Isherwood
Silver – Tara Coady
Bronze – Catherine McMullen

Men’s Masters 35-44:
Gold – Jerome Rewerts
Silver – Geoff Perrill
Bronze – Greg Aronson

Women’s Masters 35-44:
Gold – Darcy Sanford
Silver – Jennifer Filipiak
Bronze – Sheri Robinson

Men’s Masters 45-54:
Gold – Bruce Grell
Silver – John Stonebarger
Bronze – Don Maschka

Women’s Masters 45-54:
Gold – Sandra Dunivan
Silver – Nancy Leysens
Bronze – Kathleen Porter

Men’s Masters 55+
Gold – Landon Beachy
Silver – James Hopson
Bronze – David Delperdang

Junior Boys 10-12:
Gold – Tyler Reynolds
Silver – Gabe Yetley

Junior Boys 13-15:
Gold – Luke Yetley

Junior Girls 13-15:
Gold – Madison Anderson

Junior Boys 16-18:
Gold – Ian Henriksen

Junior Girls 16-18:
Gold – Kendra VanPelt

State CX Championship Weekend – Last minute updates

Just a few notes….

Online pre-registration closes at 8am Saturday morning. Be sure to get signed-up and save some money!
Registration link:

For race schedule and directions to the site, check out the flyer:

Don’t forget to sign up for the FREE recovery RACE on Sunday.
You must pre-register before MIDNIGHT on Saturday! NO RACE DAY REGISTRATIONS!

Flyer for the FREE Recovery Race can be found here:

Iowa State Cyclocross Championships

The Iowa Cyclocross Championships will be held on December 1st, 2012 at
Lions Park in Altoona. Same great venue! Same great course!

Online registration will open soon. Along with full details on the day-of
schedule, categories, and prizes!

We’ve got some extra special tidbits that we are just days away from
announcing as well, but they’re like a birthday wish, if we tell you too
soon they might not come true. Stay tuned!

Zealous Racing Team

Iowa Cyclocross Championships

It’s almost here! The Iowa State Cyclocross Championships are next Saturday, December 10th! Have you registered yet? You can do so here. Check out our flyer for directions to the venue and to see what time your race starts. Make sure to register by tonight, November 30th, in order to receive your free t-shirt! Please select the size for your free shirt and any additional shirts you’d like to purchase while registering. A limited number of shirts of assorted sizes will be on sale at the event, so get yours secured now! Shirts provided by Zealous Consulting and our good friends at T Shirt Graphix in Beaverdale.

What are you going to do for food on race day? No worries! We have you covered. Come early and come HUNGRY! Des Moines’ own Tacopocalypse will be onsite selling their delicious taco goodness to fuel you towards winning that state medal. Current menu:

Breakfast – $7
“These are corn tortilla chihauhau cheese quesadillas topped with choice of taco filling, more cheese, eggs, and slaw. It’s our much better answer to the breakfast burrito.” -Chef Sam

Tacos – 2 for $5
Braised Pork, Vegan Chorizo, Bacon Chorizo, and one other selection, yet to be determined.

So, what are you waiting for? Get registered and we’ll see you next Saturday!

-Zealous Racing Team